Subscriptions and Gift Aid


For several years now, the current rate of Subscriptions has remained the same. Unfortunately everything else now costs more including the amount we pay to the Scout Association in Insurance (it currently stands at around £40 per child a year). In consultation with the Leaders and the Executive Committee, it has been decided to increase our subscriptions so that we can continue to provide everything the Sections need. Therefore from September 2018 the rates of Subscriptions will be as follows.

1 child £35 per term
2 children £70 per term
3 children £105 per term

Subs are collected on the following dates 1st October, 1st February and 1st May. we now only accept Payments through Online Scout Manager. You set up a Direct Debit through the site which will automatically pay your subs when they are due

Gift Aid

The Group are now able to claim Gift Aid back on your Subscriptions fees. Starting from September we will be able to claim 25p extra on every £1 you pay, that’s around £800 a year extra for the Group. You can confirm you are eligible for Gift Aid via Online Scout Manager